Ceremonies and Rituals

Ceremonial Events & Special Rituals that Marchers and Teams will plan, orchestrate, and perpetuate


These unique presentations, expressions, transmissions may be put together by Teams, but are open for all to contribute, we may decide to have a dedicated Team to be sure these ceremonies are planned well in advance.  We need these to be well-documented internally and by the public media. 


*I believe it might be appropriate to note that our act of setting up Camp as well as packing up Camp are rituals that should always follow the Leave No Trace practices and philosophies. 


Shared Symbolic Hand Gestures (for Marcher Discussion):

The Oneness Sign from Peter Melton:



Peter Melton: "Using the power of a hand signal, we can help recreate the energy of a new peace movement, a movement to care for our planet, the greatest cause and greatest challenge we face."


Jimmy Betts: "the Sword Finger, Prana Mudra, the Gesture of Life -- and now the Oneness Sign that could be adopted by the March if we agree to do so.  I incorporate the prana mudra (sword finger posture) in my daily life.  This includes while wielding a sword, when directing medical qi, and when giving thanks and providing united focus in many of my daily rituals.
In Daoist traditions, both spiritual & medical, it represents both connecting with the outer worlds/circles of experience as well as surrendering to the moment.  This could also be seen as combining with what may seem chaotic on the surface, but unified and integrated once we allow ourselves to connect.  The physical contact of specific fingers and the extension of specific fingers also has health benefits -- most yoga systems have plenty of information on these specifics.  This is known as the prana mudra in its basic form and is used for directing the body's natural energy (qi, prana, bioelectric impetus), focusing intention, improving vision (intuition as well as eyesight), and boosting immunity amongst other things."


On-going Rituals to Consider:

(A) A Reader w/ call and response/repeat from audience that was decided on by the ceremonial group (Thomas Berry, example) -- ask for speeches OR have marches construct their own.  http://thegreatstory.org/NA-Berry.html, Connie Barlow has many ideas to create unique, powerful ceremonies for the moments we wish to give meaning: http://www.thegreatstory.org/college-cb.html


(B) Incorporating Park Rangers/National Park Service educators, regional biome representatives to speak with us in each state to talk about the specific problems their regions face due to Climate Change. 


(C) Having welcoming committees at every state border crossing, city/municipality, national monument, or transitional ecosystem should be emphasized.


(D) Seed planting/Tree planting -- must arrange a ‘seed/planting log’ that we can have Geotagged via GPS-stamped images (HD phone images/videos).  Planter should have a ceremony for each instance.  Also, the projected climate conditions should be appropriate for the plant planted.  Additionally, work should be done to confirm the legality of planting in certain areas.  We may wish to "Knight" local stewardship organizations/volunteers as well to maintain the message.  www.treesforthefuture.org, etc

Specific Individual & Periodic Projects to Consider:

(A) Prehistoric Milestones - Mark the 4.5 billion year history of earth, oxygen first produced, Cambrian explosion, pleistocene, etc… in relative distance -- shows how little time Humankind has been around, yet how much we have contributed to such drastic changes on our Planet.


(B) The California Aqueduct: The news that the big aqueduct that draws water out of the central Sierras into the San Joaquin watershed will not be serving Southern Calif agriculture this year is huge.  There will be lots of time to arrange someone to show up in eastern Calif to talk about the Colorado River aqueduct that serves L.A., but while we are still in the Los Angeles region, whereever the marchers cross the aqueduct that comes from the San Joaquin, it will be crucial to have them notice it and then have somebody knowledgeable come in and show a map of where it comes from and what is going on with the drought -- and what it means for agriculture and thus for food prices throughout the USA in 2014.  Big issue!!!! via Connie Barlow, could be a huge media event for key people (Lake Mead dropping, Water shortage in Southern Nevada) -- regarding future challenges for the region.


(C) Sealevel Projections - going up and going down toward DC-- example, of where sealevel will rise to if the icecaps melt/etc -- (more pertinent in California/Arizona and around Maryland/DC) -- http://tidesandcurrents.noaa.gov/sltrends/index.shtml


(C)(I) HighWaterLine project in Los Angeles - collaboration with originating Artist Eve Mosher -- Mackenzie Wilkins has been doing some preliminary contact work.   http://www.highwaterline.org,


(C)(II) iMatter Youth Movement SLAP Poles -- Jimmy Betts will have more information from our allies at iMatter shortly, and Advance Coordinate Teams will need to be organized by Marchers once we know how their network can support/collaborate with these types of long-standing Climate Action installations. 

(D) California-Arizona & Ohio - Assisted Endangered Plant Migration Projects - Joshua Tree from CA to AZ; Florida Torreya from FL to OH, collaboration with Connie Barlow; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uz_pN3lvh7I 

(E) Arizona - Memorial Offerings -- We pass w/i 25 miles Wickenburg (The Yarnell Hill Fire) where 19 firefighters perished -- big event how to teach Marchers about problems of the arid west -- forest fires, adapating forests, forestry practices.  This should be appropriately and compassionately considered. 






Dave Finnigan ideas:

• Music telling the story in simple and singable terms that everyone can appreciate We have our anthem http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGgBtHoIO4g;

• An idealized distant clean and green future toward which people can strive (That is a book like http://grist.org/.../future-near-perfect-how-humans-can.../);

• A community of like-minded people who provide mutual social support, respect for one another and some structure (that is our marchers, the elementary school families and their kid/parent/teacher teams);

• A simple pledge that all can easily remember and say (we have that in our school program);

• Rituals (like flipping off light switches or recycling trash or recording and reporting your carbon footprint at least once a month or giving a special "salute" with 2 fingers pointed at your heart.);

• Provability through unimpeachable sources (the scientific literature taking the place of unimpeachable religious texts);

• Anyone can become a "hero" and both children and adults yearn for the hero status (We take a Heroes’ pledge for the Planet);

• No barriers to entry for anyone (and once you join the effort special resources are available to you because you have joined – benefits for the in-group like tax incentives and special private or government programs to install technology with payments deferred);

• All people can easily identify with the "in-group;" (Rebrand “tree-huggers” to be the true conservatives because we want to conserve the Planet.)

• Different "brands" fit under one umbrella (e.g.. 350.org, TCRP, NCSE GMCA. Create a bigger umbrella that all people can fit under, even the Tea Party and Republicans because we will be saving money and creating a new and green economy.);

• Traveling Presenters (in religious organizations these are "apostles") to spread the message (Our Climate Change Is Elementary Presenters, the marchers, TCRP and other presenters);

• A model community (e.g. Greensburg Indiana) for people to join;

• Emphasis on the wisdom of self, building up personal and peer group power as opposed to state power;

• A place to brag about your accomplishments and reaffirmation for that hubris (Facebook could serve for this if used properly, or a own closed and password protected social networks for every classroom under the CCIE web site);

• A strong moral or value code at the core. (We love the Earth and we will protect it for future generations.)




Mahatma Gandhi

I learned this Gandhi blessing at a women's peace conference.  
They started each session with these words, accompanied by arm movements that I can show you. Deeply moving and unifying. ~

“I offer you peace.
I offer you love.
I offer you friendship.
I see your beauty.
I hear your need.
I feel your feelings.
My wisdom flows from the highest Source.
I salute that Source in you.
Let us work together. For unity and peace.”